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FAQ: My goods are not that valuable or are a type of product which is not susceptible to damage…do I really need to take out insurance?

A. Regardless of the goods, circumstances and value, we highly recommend that insurance be taken out for any goods in transit. The reason for this can be summed up in 2 words:

General Average’    (Click on the Blue Box to see more information)

What is General Average?

… “General what!?!?!, we hear you say...What has ‘that’ got to do with me??”

General Average is important to understand when any goods are transported by Sea. Introduced long before the days of Computers and the Internet* this Law can be called into play when things go wrong and covers damage and salvage costs not only for those with cargo on board which is directly affected, but the costs are spread equally with ALL those with cargo sailing on a ship.

*Wikipedia says: “A form of what is now called general average was included in the Lex Rhodia, the Rhodes Maritime Code of circa 800 BC”

What are the chances of this happening? The answer is: Very remotely. However, you have to understand that it DOES happen. 

If you choose not to take out insurance then the chances are ‘Nothing would happen’. However, if something DID happen and you didn’t take out insurance, then it could prove very costly.  ukimports

Marine Insurance is based on the value of goods and the shipping costs, and is often less than £100, on small shipments it is often around the £35-40 mark. Which in our eyes is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Why not ask our Imports Team for a price for your shipment, and then this will help you decide. Contact us by emailing: or by calling 0345 309 6360, or complete our online ‘Enquiry Form‘.


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Shipping to the UK?

Call us today to see if we can save you money.

We can clear goods at all the major UK Ports & Airport
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